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Fence Repair

Does your fence need repair? If you are looking for a fencing contractor in New Jersey, you may think you need to replace your fence. However, many common fencing issues can be fixed with simple repairs. Repairing a fence can be substantially less expensive than replacing your fence and can extend the life of your fence by years.

Here are some common issues that may lead to fence repairs.

Damaged Fence Posts

If you have a wooden fence, you will eventually have damaged fence boards and posts. Wooden backrails and pickets can rot, which loosens the area around nails. Posts, which are in contact with the ground, can also rot. You do not have to replace your whole fence just because parts of it are damaged or rotted. Instead, you can replace the damaged pieces. Even if you have had a damaged post, we can replace it with a new post and correct any leaning or sagging.

Loose Gates

Sometimes the problem is not with the fence, but with the gate. Your gate can lean or sag, come off its hinges, pieces may loosen, or need new hardware may be required. We can come out, assess what is wrong with your gate, and often fix it on the same day. If the repair is more complex, we can order parts and schedule a future repair.

Chain Link Repair

With chain link fences, one of the most common problems is a bent rail. Heavy objects can bend your rails, which makes your fence look messy and ill-kept. We can remove the bent railing and replace it with new railing. We can also replace damaged chain link fencing mesh fabric, should it get cut or damaged.

Vinyl Fence Repair

Because vinyl fence styles may be changed with the seasons, sometimes people think it is impossible to repair a vinyl fence and that replacing it is the only option. That is simply not true. Vinyl fences are configured with specific rail and post styles that can be routed in our vinyl production shop. Accordingly, we can replace broken slats, rails and posts, making your vinyl fence look like new.


    Other Repairs

    We can also help you with repairs for aluminum fences, horse rail, wood slat, and any other type of fence. We have the skills and expertise to fix most fence problems, so that you have a working fence within a short period of time.

    While fixing a fence is more affordable than replacement, it is not always the best long-term solution. We will let you know when replacement is a better idea. However, we also understand budget constraints and will work to get you an affordable solution even when repair is not the best option.

    Whatever fence repairs you need, Carl’s Fencing can help. Contact us today to schedule an estimate on your fencing repairs.