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Fencing in Freehold, NJ

If you are in Freehold, NJ and need a new fence, you should contact Carl’s Fencing. A full-service outdoor contractor, Carl’s has been building sturdy, high-quality, affordable fences for 30 years. We focus on customer service, and we have the great reviews to prove it.

Reasons to Pick Carl’s for Your Fencing Project:

We have a great reputation. Whether you are checking on neighborhood social media or review sites like the BBB or Angi’s, you will find that we have a great reputation and an A+ rating. No company is goof-proof, but the real test of a company’s integrity is how they handle mistakes. We work until things are right for even the pickiest of customers.

We are affordable. We understand inflation is hitting everyone hard. It has also hit the fencing industry. Costs for supplies, especially for wooden fences, are high right now. That means the costs of fences is higher. We cannot control that. However, we are also not going to gouge our customers. We are still going to offer you a fair price based on our costs and the labor we provide. We are going to make a profit and pay our crews well, but we are also going to make fencing affordable for you.

We are licensed and insured. You may not think a fencing company needs to be licensed and insured. You might not be wrong. If nothing bad happens on a fencing project, you never have a need for those things. However, if something goes wrong, like a fencing company hits an unmarked utility line or water line, license and insurance can help ensure that you do not have to pay for that mistake!

We are reliable. A man is only as good as his word, and at Carl’s Fencing we take that seriously. That means that you can rely on us. We give in-person estimates that look at the real conditions in your yard, so you pay what we quote. We give reliable start dates and let you know if weather conditions have or will impact start or finish dates.


    We work with you. Some fencing companies will try to sell you on their easiest or most expensive fences. At Carl's, we know it is your yard. You should get the fence you want. So, we take time to discuss your vision with you. Work does not start until we know that you are getting exactly what you wanted. Ready to get started? Call us to schedule an estimate.