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How Much Snow Can Your Roof Hold?

Large amounts of snow can be either a lot of fun or a lot of work. While homeowners might enjoy the look of a wintry home, there are still plenty of worries about the roof’s ability to hold the weight. Here’s how you can identify and prevent problems.

Things to be aware of

The weight of the snow — Wet snow can be almost three times heavier than fluffy snow, which means it could be adding dozens of pounds to your roof.

The structural design — If you have a steep and smooth roof, it generally will shed snow much easier than a flat or only slightly pitched roof.

The roofing material — Strong and durable shingles like asphalt or slate are a must. Both can support the weight of snow, however asphalt shingles are a more affordable option and easier to replace.

Signs of a weak roof

While you might be able to see signs of damage from the street, you should also check the attic for bends and cracks. Keep in mind that roof damage might not necessarily come from the weight of snow either. Roof damage could stem from insects, age, or rodents. It’s always good to check with roofing professionals before coming to any conclusions.

Periodic snow removal

While your home is built to specific codes and should be able to withstand almost any snow load, some homeowners choose to remove some snow before it piles up. Before you do this, be aware of these important points.

Don’t try to remove all the snow — You  might damage the roofing material underneath, which would leave the roof vulnerable to leaks.

Pay attention —  As you’re pulling snow off the roof, you’ll want to make sure you don’t unintentionally block a path or hit a bystander.

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