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The idea of deer grazing in your yard is pleasant. You may envision a peaceful mama deer and her babies, at a distance, grazing on your grass. The reality is often quite different. Instead of being nature’s lawn mowers, deer can quickly destroy your beautiful garden and flower beds. They also can bring ticks and fleas to your yard. However, keeping deer away can be a challenge. Sure, you can start with deer resistant plants, but that is not always a cure. A deer fence is a much better way to keep deer out of your yard.

When choosing a deer fence, there are several considerations.

A critical consideration is the height. Deer can jump very high, easily clearing standard 4’ or even 6’ fences. Shorter fences can help deter deer, but if deer are interested in your yard, they are not tall enough to keep deer out.

Next, you want to think about whether you want to exclude other pests. Most deer fences have relatively large gaps in them. That is because deer may jump over a fence or go under it, but naturally they are not going to go through gaps in the fence. If you want to exclude other pests, like rodents or rabbits, you will need a fence with a smaller mesh size, particularly at the bottom. Some multi-use pest control fences are tighter at the bottom, but more open towards the top, allowing for visibility, while still excluding pests.

Slack within the fence is also a consideration. Deer can indeed push under fencing. Therefore, you want a fence that goes all the way to the ground. Further, if you choose a mesh fence, you want to leave yourself enough slack to pin the bottom to the ground, while still maintaining a taut bottom.

How easy will it be to repair the fence? Less expensive fences may be an affordable option and are often something you can tackle as a DIY. Sometimes, those benefits make them the best choice for you. However, you want to consider how easy it will be to repair any damage to the fence . To reduce the need for repairs, you should choose durable materials. You want galvanized metals or UV protected polypropylene fences.

Finally, when you are planning your fence, think about access. Make sure and include gates that allow you to access fenced areas.

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