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Aluminum is a great, lightweight, durable building material, and is ideal for fencing. Most modern metal fences are aluminum, even though they may look like wrought iron. That is because, unlike iron, aluminum fences are highly resistant to corrosion. They are also more affordable than many other types of metal fencing.

One of the things our customers love about aluminum fencing is its versatility. Aluminum fences come in a variety of different options, styles, and colors. That means you can match them to your architectural style, siding on your house, and personal tastes. They create an open look with minimum obstruction to a beautiful view. They also allow for plenty of air flow. Aluminum fencing is particularly suitable if you desire a fence around the pool or a pool-code compliant fence.

Another great thing about aluminum fencing is that it can be installed almost anywhere. It can be difficult to install other types of fencing in some terrain. For example, slopes, uneven land, and concrete can be unsuitable for other types of fences. However, aluminum fences easily conform to terrain. This is particularly the case if the install area is on a hill or has undulating ground.

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Aluminum fences are also very durable. They are resistant to harsh weather conditions. They can withstand things like salts used to melt snow and ice in the wintertime. So, your fence will last and look great for years after installation. In fact, Carl’s aluminum fencing carries a manufacturing warranty, in many cases up to twenty years.

The color on most aluminum fencing is not actually paint. Rather, aluminum fences are powder-coated. Powder coating creates a much more durable surface than simply painting a surface. As a result, there is less flaking and chipping on the surface. In fact, even in high-use areas your powder coated aluminum should look like-new for years.

Aluminum fence structures may or may not have visible screws. There are pros and cons. An aluminum fence with hidden screws can be visually appealing, but can potentially be more difficult to repair, as the screws may not be accessible for single picket replacement. Ultimately, it is a matter of personal choice, but there are options available to you.

Another thing that customers love is that our aluminum fences are so low maintenance. They do not require painting or any other type of special maintenance. Instead, you can use water and a non-abrasive sponge to clean the fence.

Carl’s is proud of our customer service, the quality of our work, the materials we use, and our affordability. So, give us a call today to schedule an estimate. We will come out and measure your property and provide you with a no-obligation estimate, as well as different payment and financing options.

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