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Is Aluminum Fencing Preferable Over Iron Fencing?

When seeking a metal, ornamental fence, a common question is whether it is advisable to purchase an aluminum or iron fence. While this may be a matter of personal taste, there are distinct advantages to purchasing aluminum. Indeed, homeowners are surprised to discover that most modern metal fences are made of aluminum.

Aluminum Is Maintenance Free And Will Not Rust

Aluminum is maintenance free. Aside from the occasional washing, there is no powder coating, rust-proofing, or painting required. A common and well-known issue with iron is that it rusts. Iron will require maintenance to delay any rusting effect. Aluminum, conversely, is resistant to rust and corrosion. With aluminum, after install, there is virtually nothing to do except perhaps adjust the gate from time to time.

Aluminum Has An Open An Elegant Feel

Both iron and aluminum excel in this aspect. Aluminum has equally as many styles and ornamental features as does iron. It is also less expensive to change ornamental accents, as it is lighter and easier to work with than iron. Some examples of aluminum fencing include the classic Granite three-rail style by Activeyards, or the more ornate Slate style by Activeyards, which allows for various decorative accents, such as finials and rings. Also, aluminum can be installed on an angle, or ‘racked’ as we say in the fence business, up to thirty degrees to accommodate hilly, undulating yards.

Aluminum Is Durable

Aluminum fencing is durable. With that said, Iron fencing due to its characteristics, is heavier and generally stronger. Iron fencing, therefore, is more ideal for an industrial application, or where security is a concern. For most residential properties, however, aluminum is durable and will stand the test of time. At worst, a tree branch or deer may damage a portion of the aluminum fence. Because aluminum fencing is pieced together, you can easily replace a section or sometimes even a single fence picket.

Aluminum Is Less Expensive

Cost is also a major difference between the two types of fencing. Iron fencing is typically more expensive than aluminum fencing, both in terms of the cost of the materials and the cost of installation. While aluminum is not inexpensive, and can be a large investment in your home depending on the height and style, it is generally a more cost effective solution than iron.

Manufacturer Warranties

A quality aluminum fencing manufacturer will back its products with a robust warranty. For example, Activeyards aluminum fencing by Barrette Outdoor Living backs its aluminum fencing by a limited lifetime warranty. Aluminum product warranties generally cover rusting, flaking, peeling, chipping, and abnormal discoloring or fading.

Accordingly, Aluminum fencing is a great choice for your yard. It has an elegant look, is maintenance free and will maintain its appearance and color for many years. Call Carl’s today and let us help you find the ideal aluminum fence for your yard.

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