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New Jersey’s Premier Fencing, Decking, Roofing, and Exteriors Contractor

Using the highest quality materials and expert insights within the Fencing, Decking, and Home Improvement industry, our dedicated sales team can offer you a range of options to enhance your property. With Carl’s commitment to customer service, our work isn’t done until it meets your complete satisfaction.

At Carl’s, satisfaction is not just a promise– it’s guaranteed. We utilize the highest quality materials and craftsmanship in all of our projects. Our team of experts excels in fencing, decking, and home improvements, bringing your vision to life. The job isn’t complete until you are 100% satisfied.

Carl’s has access to an extensive supply of fencing, decking, and home improvement resources, offering everything that you need to make your New Jersey home truly breathtaking. We take pride in every project, aiming to provide year-round enjoyment of your home.

Fencing in Monmouth County, NJ

They say good fences make good neighbors, and that certainly is true. A fence keeps your pets and children safely contained inside your yard and excludes others from wandering into your property. It protects your privacy and your safety, ensuring that you have control over the people on your property. 

If you need a new fence in Monmouth County, Carl’s Fencing should be your choice. We are a full-service outdoor improvement company. Having been in business for over 30 years, we are committed to providing high-quality projects for all of our customers. We have a sterling reputation, which you can see with our A+ rating the BBB. We are committed to customer satisfaction. 

Choosing the right type of fence depends on your property, your neighborhood, and your needs. Some people want wooden privacy fences. Others want chain link, wrought iron, vinyl, or other materials. You may want a fence around your entire property or a hazard, like a swimming pool. Factors to consider include the look you want, the height, whether you need to contain any pets, whether you are trying to exclude any wildlife or neighborhood pets, and more. We also take practical considerations in mind, such as your budget. 

You want to have a contractor you can trust and we want to make sure you take the proper steps to pick your fencing contractor. There are some questions you should ask about any fencing contractor you choose. In fact, while we have tailored this list to fencing, most of these questions will also apply to any other outdoor improvements.

How experienced is the contractor? While it is possible to get high-quality work from a new company, the people doing the job should have some experience. Find out how long the company has been in business and who will be supervising work crews. You should be able to communicate with the supervisor at any point in the project. Some jobs will require a supervisor on site. Others may have a supervisor visit several times a day. Ask how the supervisor will handle the job and what happens if you notice any issues during the project. 

What is the company’s reputation? Check out different review websites to see what people think of the company. Check to see if they have done business under any other names. Neighborhood social media can be significant, so check sites like NextDoor or Facebook in addition to Google, Yelp, and the BBB. These sites can give you an idea of other people’s experiences with the company and how the company responds to complaints.

Will the company custom design your fence? A negative answer does not necessarily mean you should not use them. You may not need customization. Some fencing companies specialize in a particular fencing style. They may be great at it, but that is the kind of fence you are going to get. Make sure the contractor you choose can build the fence you want. So, go over the project with them and find out if they are capable of meeting your needs.

Are they licensed and insured? While some other qualifications are negotiable, this one should not be. If someone is injured on the job and the contractor is not insured, your homeowner’s insurance will have to pay for their injuries. Additionally, if they cause any damage to your home without insurance, it can be challenging to hold them financially responsible. Whether you choose Carl’s or another fencing company, make sure they are licensed and insured!

Decking in Monmouth County, NJ

Carl’s team can create your perfect getaway right outside your back door. We specialize in Wood Decks, Composite Decks, and PVC Vinyl Decks. Carl’s also supplies Dexerdry, a new patented deck product that prevents water and the elements from penetrating the surface of the deck.

A deck can transform your yard from an unused space to an additional living area. It allows you to enjoy the outdoors while still offering some of the refinements and comfort of a built-out space. You can also enjoy furniture, fire pits, grilling, hot tubs, and more without worrying about damage to your grass. 

Decks do not have to be utilitarian. A well-designed deck adds to the beauty of your yard, offering an aesthetic transition between house and yard. You can choose an elevated deck, which allows you greater visibility and even provides storage space below. You can select a ground-level deck, making it easy for pets and children to play on the deck and in the yard. 

You can customize a deck to your choosing. Some people want a basic space that they can customize with furniture and accessories. Others choose built-in features like benches, flowerboxes, and more. Whatever your vision, the team at Carl’s can bring it to life. 

Want to use your outdoor spaces, even in the winter? Consider adding a patio cover to all or part of your deck. A covered space means you will be able to use some or all of your deck, even in the middle of winter. It can be an excellent choice for outdoor enthusiasts or people who like to grill. 

The only limits to your decking project are physics, your local building codes, and your imagination. So, bring us your most creative design ideas. Our team will work with you to incorporate them into the final build. Many modern deck designs include lighting, outdoor kitchens, and electrical wiring to optimize the functionality of the space. Let Carl’s help you create the deck of your dreams and stop letting your outdoor space go to waste.

Roofing in Monmouth County

It does not matter how fabulous the rest of your home is — if your roof is substandard, your entire house is at risk. However, getting a new roof can be intimidating. How do you know which roofing surface to pick, the right price to pay, and get the right professionals? 

When it comes to the installation of your new roof, you can trust the work of our licensed and professionally trained roofers. Carl’s team can install Shingled RoofsDesigner Roofs, and Specialty Roofs. We offer multiple styles, including Asphalt Shingles Roofing, Polymer Slate, Wood Shake Roofing, and Metal Roofing.

Choosing a roofing style depends on several factors. Most people replace their roof with whatever their current roofing material is. So, if someone currently has asphalt shingles, they may choose an asphalt shingle replacement. However, that is not always the right choice. Many New Jersey homes are historic homes. They may have previously had another type of roof, like wood shake or even slate, which was replaced by asphalt at some point in time. Does your asphalt roof reflect the feel of your home? Would another material be a better fit? If so, is that type of roof in your budget? 

Our roofing sales team can show you every product that is possible for your roof. To be a possibility, your roof must be able to support the weight of the material and shed water using that material. Then, they can help you go through designs to find one that matches the design of your home. 

After a roofing project, you should feel confident that your roof will keep you safe and dry. You should also think the roof boosts your home’s curb appeal. While they are primarily functional, roofs can contribute a lot to your home’s design aesthetic. A roofing company like Carl’s understands the interplay between these two facets. We will never compromise function for form, but we will help you get the best-looking roof that works with your home’s design.

Siding in Monmouth County

Some people think of siding as purely decorative, but it performs an essential function in your home. Think of it like skin. It is the protective covering that keeps things from getting inside of your home and also keeps things inside of your home from getting out. Siding should be sun, wind, and water resistant, flexible enough to withstand temperature extremes, and durable enough to require little maintenance and infrequent replacement. 

In addition to function, siding also plays an essential decorative role in a house. Different types of siding go with different architectural styles. While you are not locked into those typical choices, going with an alternative look can give your home a disjointed appearance. However, that does not mean that you are locked into older materials. Many of the newer materials — vinyl, engineered wood, concrete, and aluminum — come in designs that reflect the look of classic siding materials. 

Wood siding is a classic choice. It comes in shingles/shakes, clapboards/beveled siding, paneling, tongue and groove, and board and batten varieties. Wood siding can be long-lasting, with cedar being the most enduring. However, wood siding is not low maintenance. Most of it needs to be painted or stained/preserved to keep it from rotting and to prevent insect damage. 

Wood is one of the more economical siding choices, especially for less-expensive types of wood. However, because of its maintenance costs, it can cost longer over a lifetime. So, if budget plays into your decision-making, you want to consider immediate and long-term costs. 

In older homes, stones and bricks were part of the structure. In newer homes, they are decorative and hide a wooden frame. These materials are meant to last. Stone and bricks resist fire, rot, and insects. They require minimal maintenance — routine cleaning keeps them looking nice, and they may need remortaring once or twice in a lifetime. When well-maintained, they can last for centuries. 

Natural stone and bricks are some of the most expensive siding choices, but they come with incredible durability. If you want the same look, you can always choose faux stone or brick veneer panels. They are less expensive to purchase and less costly to install. The trade-off is that they do not offer the same durability as natural materials. 

Vinyl siding may be the most versatile siding product available. It can resemble clapboards, shakes, bricks, and stone. It is durable, affordable, and low maintenance. The downsides of vinyl are that it is not fireproof and that it can fade in the sun over time. 

Vinyl replaced aluminum as the go-to siding choice. However, aluminum siding is still available, and it offers some advantages over vinyl. It will not rot and is resistant to fire and insects. It is also easy to clean and to paint. However, aluminum dents easily. It is also more challenging to source, so it can be expensive to install and repair. 

Fiber cement siding is a mix of cement, wood pulp, and fly ash. It is an incredibly durable product, which you can paint to customize. It is resistant to fire and insects. It installs like wood products. However, it is brittle and heavy, which can make installation more of a challenge and increase installation prices. 

Engineered wood siding has some advantages over traditional wood siding. They are more robust than solid wood and come in the same range of materials. They are pre-primed but need paint or stain to look finished. It is usually cheaper than solid-wood products, and most types come with lengthy manufacturer warranties. 

Stucco is another siding choice. It is durable when correctly applied. However, it may not do as well in wet climates. It provides the look of a traditional adobe home. If you like the look of stucco, you may be interested in exterior insulation finish systems (EIFS), which provide a stucco-like appearance, tons of insulation, and durability. For stucco and EIFS, you need experienced installers to prevent cracking and water infiltration.  

Carl’s Siding specialists can install the perfect siding of your dreams on your New Jersey home. With the ability to choose from multiple colors, finishes, and styles, you’ll be sure to find materials that enhance the appearance of your home. Some of the different options we provide include Vinyl Siding, Fiber Cement Siding, and Wood Siding.

Home Improvement in Monmouth County

Are you looking at other improvements to your indoor and outdoor spaces? Carl’s can handle many of your New Jersey home improvement projects. Carl’s can also install or replace RailingWindowsPergolas, and Outdoor Living Spaces. We offer a large selection of Entry Doors, Storm Doors, and Sliding Glass Doors to ensure the safety and beauty of your home. Our specialists can match you with the highest quality materials, designs, and finishes for your exterior doors.

In many instances, the railing is functional. You want it in place to keep people safe on stairs or decks. So, if you notice an issue with your railing, you wish to have it fixed or replaced immediately. The railing also serves a decorative function. Whether you want traditional spindles or the look of an infinite glass railing, the choice can complement and even elevate your outdoor space. 

Windows are the transition from your indoor space to your outdoor space. At a minimum, your windows should offer protection from the elements. However, they can lose their insulating functions over time, which can wreak havoc on your heating and cooling bills. Windows can also play a significant design role in your home. Consider a sliding window to open up a kitchen to an outdoor living space or a greenhouse window to bring the outdoors inside all year round. 

Pergolas are an excellent element for people who want to expand the functional usability of their backyard. They provide shade and coverage in areas so you can expand living spaces. Combine a pergola with climbing vines and a hanging bed to add a bit of charm to your yard. Do not forget the old-school appeal of a gazebo. You can use these spaces for a traditional dining space or modernize them into a backyard bar, she-shed, or man-cave space.

For zoning, planning, and construction inquiries in Monmouth County, please contact:

Monmouth County Division of Planning Administration

Edward Sampson, PP, AICP, Planning Director

Phone: 732-431-7460

Fax: 732-409-7540


The average home value in Monmouth County is $389,900. Average property taxes in Monmouth County, NJ, are $7,600 – $9,00 and are taxed at an average rate of 1.95%. *

*Property taxes are based on assessed home value

Monmouth County school districts include:

  • Brielle Borough
  • Colts Neck Township
  • Freehold Borough
  • Freehold Township
  • Holmdel Township
  • Middletown Township


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