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Wood Fencing


When choosing a wood fence, homeowners have several options to consider. It is important to review the benefits of each style while selecting the best fence for your needs. Here at Carl’s, we offer a variety of wood fences, including Cedar, Spruce, and Pressure Treated. Cedar fences tend to last longer and have an elegant look. For a more budgetary approach, Spruce fences are often a desirable and practical choice.

Wood sections can be built to be solid, spaced, or board on board. Solid fences offer privacy and can reduce noise in your yard. They are great if you are trying to keep your yard quiet and serene. Spaced, picket-style fences are visually appealing and allow plenty of airflow through the yard. These give added curb appeal to your property, while allowing you to maintain an open-space feel.

Board on board fences, also known as shadow box fences, offer the best of both worlds. These fences offer privacy, but still allow air to flow through your yard. They are a great option for homes with pets or if your yard lacks shade. Board on board fences are also easily rackable, meaning they can be installed on a hill, without leaving large gaps underneath the fence. Additionally, board on board fences are visually appealing on both sides of the fence. Solid and picket fences have rails on one side, which must face into your yard. With board on board fences, the rails are between the pickets, giving it a beautiful look from both sides.

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