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Chain link fence is a great option for residential and commercial needs. Chain link fencing, especially colored, make for a durable, yet visually appealing, and affordable fencing option for residential fencing. Likewise, it is a great type of fence to use in commercial areas. Built piece by piece, chain link fences can be customized. You can also remove the mesh to reuse at other sites. However, chain link fences are not just for businesses.

Chain Link Fence is Cost Effective

Chain link fencing is one of the more affordable options for a fence. Chain link fencing to enclose your entire property, to fence off an area like a garden, or fence off a dog run. Chain link can be installed with special sized mesh that allows for a great pool fence that complies with pool code ordinances.

Chain Link Fence is Visually Appealing

Chain link fencing can create an elegant look, particularly when solid colors are chosen. Years ago, options for chain link fences were pretty limited. They came in just a galvanized metal hue and had few decorative elements. Today’s chain link fences have come a long way. The powder coating and vinyl coated options are varied. Though black and green are the most popular, other colors are available. Further, there are chain link slats that can be installed to create a different look. In fact, the evergreen hedge slats blend in well with a wooded area.

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Chain Link Fence is Durable

Chain link fence is extremely durable. It can last through all sorts of weather. In fact, it has an advantage over many types of fencing in that the mesh is mostly open space. The mesh holes serve a practical purpose, letting even extreme winds pass through them, while still maintaining structural integrity.

Chain Link Fence is Versatile

Chain link fences are versatile, and can be installed in a myriad of configurations. The anchor of a chain link fence is the terminal post. This can be an end post or a corner post. Line posts hold up the chain link material. Depending on several factors, including the measurements of your yard, we place the line posts every ten feet in your yard. A top rail helps provide shape and decoration for the fence, and the bottom can be tensioned with a wire, or include a rail for additional support. The height of your posts can vary, with mesh coming in rolls that range from 3’ to 12’ tall. In order words, you can get the exact fence you want.

Gauge is important when you think about the purpose of the fence – including the gauge of the wire and of the post. Some people choose a light gauge chain link combined with a split rail fence or an aluminum fence when they like the look of those fences, but want a fence that will contain animals or children. Combining chain link with wooden posts and rails gives a unique look, which some customers prefer to an all-metal fence. On the other hand, if you need a more robust application, such as a tennis court fence, pickleball court fence, or security fence, you may want a heavier gauge.

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