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Decorative fencing, also known as picket fencing, is a superb and dynamic addition to your property. Picket fences may conjure the image of white fences in an idyllic suburban house, and while this indeed may be the case, picket fences are actually more varied and versatile.

Whether you want a decorative front yard vinyl picket fence or a pool-code compliant aluminum picket fence in your backyard, Carl’s can help. We are experts in all types of fencing, including decorative picket fencing, and can help with all of your fencing needs.

So you’ve determined that you want a picket-style fence. With so many picket options, how do you choose? The answer is to ascertain the fencing function, then determine the specifications, and then the style.

Determine What Needs to Be Fenced

The first question to answer is ‘what am I trying to fence’? This is a where and why question. Your front yard fence function may be different than the needs of your backyard fence. Likewise, a fence adjacent to a bulkhead or pool will differ in function than a fence on your neighbor’s sideline.

The next thing you need to think about is fence security. How do you want it latched? Do you want visibility or privacy? For example, if you are fencing your yard to keep your dog inside, you may need pickets with smaller gaps between them.

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Determine The Fence Specifications

Now that you have determined the location or layout for your picket fence, you must consider the fence specifications. Certain locations will exclude certain picket options. For example, fencing around a pool will reduce the number of picket options due to spacing requirements between pickets and rails. Townships may also have specific requirements on fence locations and dimensions.

Often, in the front yard, a fence can only be three or four feet high, and must be a picket fence, as privacy fences are not permitted in many cases. Moreover, you may want tighter spacing in a fence if you have a small dog. There are fences called puppy picket fences that have tighter spacing towards the bottom.

Determine The Fence Style

With the use-case and dimensions in mind, now comes the fun part, picking out your picket fence style. Picket fences offer some of the most decorative fence styles available on the market today. Picket fence materials can range from traditional wood, such as cedar or spruce, to more modern vinyl picket fencing and aluminum picket fencing.

Moreover, picket fences can be customized. Wood can be cut to various heights, and the picket tops can be shaped flat, pointed or dog-eared. Vinyl also has pointed, flat or dog-eared picket tops, and can also be cut to any height. Aluminum generally will have pressed-spear pickets or arrowhead pickets, but can also have attachments to the pickets called finials. The most common types of finials are the tri-finial, quad-finial, and fleur-de-lis finial. Finials add an elegant and decorative theme to an aluminum picket fence.

With so many factors to consider, and design choices available, it is important to obtain professional advice, and work hand in hand with one of our fence specialists during the selection process.

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At Carl’s, we make sure we thoroughly understand your needs before beginning a project. We strive so that you can have the fence of your dreams. Contact us today to set up a consultation. We will come out and measure your space, and carefully review and discuss your specific circumstances. With our up-front pricing and reliable quotes, you get all of the information you need to make the choice that is right for you.

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Wood Fencing

Wood fencing offers a classic and natural look and feel. Wood can be styled and shaped to your liking, ranging from the traditional picket fence to solid cedar privacy.

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