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What Are the Differences in Picket Fence Styles?

What Are the Differences in Picket Fence Styles?

Picket fences. We all are familiar with them. They are a quintessential component of the American Dream: a house with a yard, a car, a spouse and two kids, a dog (or cat) all surrounded by a lovely picket fence.

Surely you can just call up a contractor and ask for a picket fence and call it day.


Besides technical questions like size and amount of the picket fence you would like, someone is going to ask you eventually what style you would like. Picket fences can come in vinyl or wood material, so let’s discuss a few differences in picket fence styles.

Simple Picket Fence Styles

If you’re either a minimalist or do not want too much flair on your picket fence, you can go with the simpler styles. Simple picket fence styles include.

  • Flat Top Style – This is exactly what it sounds like. It’s pretty much just a board without any crazy design, or really any design at all. Think a piece of lumber or vinyl board shot straight up. Likely effective and does its job, but most likely to be bland.
  • Dog Ear Style – This style gets its name from the way it resembles a page of a book that is folded over. The top of the board is flat with angled cuts at each end, giving the look of half of a hexagon.
  • Pointed Top Style – This is also exactly what it sounds like. Typically a picket with a cap or board with the top cut to make a very simply pointed end. It usually looks like a saw just cut off two sides of the top to make a point.

Advanced Picket Fence Styles

Once you’re comfortable with the simple styles of how picket fences look, it all really becomes a variation from there. There are many and it’s best to speak with your fencing contractor to figure out what one you want, if they provide it, and importantly in what material. Fences can come in all kinds of material like wood, vinyl, metal, and more. But so you are armed to dig deeper, here a few advanced picket fence styles:

  • Point
  • Pyramid Cap
  • Dog Ear with Hole
  • French Gothic
  • Rounded

Looking for a Picket Fence Contractor

There are lots of styles to sieve through and find the right picket fence for you. Call us today and we can walk through everything together at 855-791-2589!

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