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Do I Need a Pool Fence in NJ?

Do I Need a Pool Fence in NJ?

Having a barbecue in the summer with a pool in your backyard full of guests is a fun dream. So is the idea of lounging in your pool to enjoy the NJ summer heat all by yourself with an ice-cold drink while everyone runs off to crowd the beaches.

And now you’re taking the steps to make your dream a reality!

While most residential pools in NJ have a fence around them, you may have noticed some that do not. So, what’s the deal? Do you need a pool fence in New Jersey?

Yes – Get a Fence

According to the Building Subcode for New Jersey, yes you do need a pool fence for your pool in New Jersey. This can be directly around the pool, or simple around the perimeter of the yard. Further, there are specific requirements that the fence must meet.

The main reason is to save lives of unattended children from drowning and of course anyone else who can’t swim.

You might be frustrated and think that it is another item you have to manage to reach your pool dreams, but don’t worry, it’s not complicated.

Pool Fence Requirements in NJ

While there are codes and regulations available for the whole state, there are more than likely specific and more stringent regulations for your municipality than the state’s. So always go and find your local zoning officer, building code official, or township engineer to confirm the requirements.

After all, one of those officials, or a similar one, is going to be the person reviewing the plans and integrity of your pool, so they will know best.

However, here is a quick outline of some of the general pool fence regulations in New Jersey:

  • The top of the pool fence shall be at least 4 feet (48 inches) above grade when measured on the side facing away from the pool. Naturally, it has to be that way throughout the entire perimeter.
  • Vertical clearance between the bottom of the pool fence and grade shall be 2 inches or less, measured on the side facing away from the pool.
  • If a pool is above ground level, the fence shall be on ground level or mounted on top of the above-ground pool structure. If you do mount it, the gap between the two structures shall be less than 4 inches.

Need a Pool Fence for your dream pool?

As you can see, the requirements can be a little confusing. You can learn more about the requirements for a pool fence in NJ here. Please feel free to call us at 855-791-2589 to walk you through everything and get you started on your pool fence for your dream pool!

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