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Vinyl fences are one of the most popular fencing options. When choosing a vinyl fence, homeowners have several options to consider. It is important to review the benefits of each style while selecting the best fence for your needs. Vinyl fences are usually privacy style, semi-privacy, or picket fences.

Vinyl privacy fences keep your yard enclosed and reduce outside noise. They are great if you’re looking for peace and quiet in your yard. Semi-privacy fences give your yard some airflow, while still maintaining some level of privacy. They are a great option for homes with pets or if your yard lacks shade. Picket fences are a great option if you would like to keep the open space feel, while adding curb appeal to your property.

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Vinyl fences, or PVC, are made from polyvinyl chloride. This is a material that is created primarily from salt and ethylene, a natural gas. Vinyl products use less energy and result in fewer emissions than many other fence products during production. Most vinyl products have additives that protect the fence from UV rays, keeping the fence from turning yellow over time. These modifiers also enhance the durability and prevent the fence from becoming brittle or cracked.

Vinyl fences can be made from recycled or virgin material. Recycled products may seem like the right choice for an environmentally conscious consumer, but they are simply a way for suppliers to keep costs low. Fences made from recycled products tend to generate mold and mildew, leaving dark spots on the fence over time. Here at Carl’s, we are vinyl fencing suppliers that opt for products that are made from virgin material to ensure you get the best quality fence.

The configuration of a vinyl fence also contributes to the quality. There is no hardware necessary for a section of vinyl fence, meaning there are no pieces subject to rusting. Instead, the rails insert into the posts and each piece of the fence interlocks with each other. This enhances the structural integrity and makes reassembly very easy if a section is blown out due to high winds. The pickets you choose can help protect against strong winds. For example, our GlideLock pickets maintain a firm lock with one another, resisting wind pressure.

Our experts will walk you through any concerns for your premium vinyl fencing, so all you have to do is select the style. When selecting a gate, we recommend smaller gates if possible. Vinyl is heavier than other material, so gates tend to sag over time. However, if you have a landscaper with a large lawnmower or plan to have construction done in your backyard, you will need a double drive gate for wider access. The most preferred color of vinyl fence is white, but we do offer some styles in nude shades, gray, or other colors, including specialty colors. You should decide if you would prefer pickets to run horizontally or vertically. Vertical pickets are more common, but horizontal pickets can provide a unique and elegant look. Finally, if you would like your fence to be decorative, you can add a topper. Lattice or spindle toppers allow you to have privacy in your yard with an appealing accent.

There are many considerations when choosing a vinyl fence, but we are here to help. With decades of vinyl fence installation experience, Carl’s is the contractor you can trust. Contact us today to learn more about your vinyl fencing options.

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