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Vinyl Fencing: 5 Benefits for Homeowners

Installing a fence outside your home can be a necessity, an aesthetic add-on, or a combination of both. When considering the different fencing options, there’s a good chance you’ll want to go with the most popular: vinyl. Here are 5 biggest benefits homeowners get with vinyl fencing:

Vinyl fencing is generally more affordable than wood or aluminum fencing, mainly because of its low long-term cost. More on that in a moment.

A vinyl fence is nearly five times stronger than wood, meaning it’s simply harder to bring down. Vinyl’s durability is especially helpful here in New Jersey, which sees strong thunderstorms in the summer and major snowstorms in winter. Plus with New Jersey’s sea air, vinyl holds up better to salt air exposure.

That’s not to denounce wood fencing – it’s a wonderful material in its own right, and ideal in certain instances. But if you want the best of both worlds, you can have vinyl fencing that actually looks like wood.

UV Protection
Vinyl fencing is UV protected. They won’t fade even in direct sunlight.

Minimal Maintenance
Now to the key benefit of vinyl fencing: it requires virtually no maintenance, which is a huge money-saver in the long run. You won’t need to repaint it, prime it, or worry about it rotting. Simply hose it down every once in awhile and that’s it!

Lastly, your vinyl fence can be customized to your liking. In addition to choosing your height and color, you can pick from a variety of styles including:

  • Picket fences
  • Privacy fences
  • Protective fences
  • Security fences
  • Landscaping fences

Are you thinking of adding a vinyl fence to your New Jersey home? Carl’s Fencing, Decking & Home Improvements is NJ’s largest residential fencing contractor. We invite you to learn more about our vinyl fencing solutions by clicking the link below:

Vinyl Fencing Options


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