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5 Telling Signs It’s Time to Get a Window Replacement

Depending upon the age of your home and the quality of your windows, it may be time for a change. Old, worn windows will not only make you uncomfortable during New Jersey’s hot summers and cold winters, but will also increase your home’s energy consumption.

How do you tell when it’s time to replace your windows? Here are the top 5 signs:

  1. You Feel a Draft
    Over time, your windows will likely suffer from at least some degree of water damage, causing them to warp and let in air. If it gets to the point where you feel a draft, this is a telltale sign that you need new windows.
  1. You Hear a Rattle
    Rattling windows are a sign that the glass panes have become loose or the frame has shrunk. This can happen if the windows were poorly installed or over the course of time as seasons change, especially with aluminum or wood frames.
  1. They’re Hard to Open and Close
    When you open and close your windows, you’re likely taking the rote motion for granted. If that motion ever becomes difficult or obstructed, you might need a window replacement purely for functional purposes.
  1. Condensation Between the Panes
    It’s normal for your windows to fog whenever there are conflicting air temperatures. However, if you also see condensation between the panes, it’s a sign that your insulation has been penetrated.
  1. Your Utility Bill is Higher
    Do you have a nagging feeling that your energy bill is higher than it should be? Pinpointing the reason is always a challenge, but your windows are a good place to start. In many cases, they are the culprit for hot or cold air entering your home, which increases your energy consumption and drives up your utility costs.

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