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Kyle K – Recent Project Testimonial

Dear Cindy,

I received an email from you welcoming me to the Carl’s Community.  Thank you for same.  On Friday, June 3, 2016, I had the pleasure of meeting with Kyle Kudelin of your company, to discuss work that I wanted done on my house.

From the minute Kyle and I started to talk, I had a feeling that I made the right choice by contacting your company.  The purpose of this letter is to explain why I signed a contract for your firm to do the work on my house that same morning, without calling other contractors to see if I could get the same work done for a better price and to make sure that your company was aware of his professionalism.

Kyle arrived on time, in a vehicle displaying the company name.  Before contacting your company, I called several contractors closer to my home, all of whom arrived either late or not at all, in vehicles that did not indicate they were affiliated with the company I contacted.  It was nice to see someone in a vehicle bearing the name of the company I contacted, and when he stepped out of the vehicle, he was dressed neatly and had on a Carl’s shirt.  Attention to detail like this is important to me, because if that is how the company represents itself on an estimate, it tells me that the company will pay as much detail to my project.

Upon arrival, Kyle greeted me, exchanged pleasantries and got right down to business.  He knew what I wanted done and was familiar with every detail that I gave to the customer service representative, who was equally professional, when she took my call.

What I found most comforting was that Kyle listened to me, allowed me to try to explain the issues I was having, and was knowledgeable about and forthcoming about what he thought about my project.  He did not try to pressure me, instead he let me tell him what my concerns were.

When I was done talking, I asked him questions about the job and he answered them in terms that a lay person such as myself would understand.  He explained the options available for my home repairs, the different products available and the manner in which the work would be done.

In addition to the repairs on my home, I am having your company install fencing around my property.  Kyle came with a brochure which showed the various styles of fences available.  He told me to take a look at it and decide what best suited my needs.  He answered all of my questions regarding the fencing project in the same knowledgeable and reassuring manner.  As we walked around my house, I told him there had been other contractors that I met with beginning in May, and explained some of what i was told I needed and how when I asked the others questions, they were unable to provide direct answers.  I was impressed by the fact that not once did he say anything negative or critical of what I was told by the other contractors.  Instead, he explained what needed to be done and assured me that Carl’s would do the job right.

As he went to take measurements and prepare the estimate, I went inside and started writing down what we discussed.

After he was finished we sat down and discussed both projects.  I had written down every thing that he told me when we discussed the projects and I was blown away by the fact that all of my notes matched everything in both of his contracts.  The use of technology to show me what the fence work would look like when completed was unexpected and something none of the other contractors came close to doing.  Every question about the materials that would be used, who the manufacturers were, who would be performing the work and warranty questions were answered.

I was confident that I made the right choice and I told Kyle that I was glad that I contacted Carl’s.  I signed the contracts and I’m looking forward to the work being done.

Kyle was not only professional; he was friendly, knowledgeable and made me feel like my business mattered to him, on a personal level and as a representative of Carl’s.

I wanted to make sure that I contacted your company and I hope that you will pass this along to the owner of the company, so that he knows what kind of people he has working for him and how comfortable I am with the decision to choose Carl’s to do the work on my house.

Hiring a contractor is often difficult, as there are uncertainties and questions that often times can’t be answered until the job gets started.  This usually translates into unexpected additional costs and delays.  I do not have concerns like that, thanks to Kyle.


Thank you for your time,

Russel V. Mancino

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