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Picking a home improvement contractor can be intimidating. You want someone that gives you high-quality work, has great customer service, and provides a fair price. The problem is that every contractor makes the same promises. How do you know which Monmouth County area contractor to choose?

We suggest you investigate. Look on websites like Angi and the BBB. There, you will find a business’s ratings and get to read through customer reviews. At Carl’s, we pride ourselves on our A+ ratings on both of these consumer sites. However, even if choose to go with a competitor, we urge you to check them out before you sign a contract. A little bit of investigation beforehand can save you a lot of aggravation later.

In addition to looking at ratings, you might want to look at other factors.

How long has the company been in business? We all have to start somewhere, so we are not going to knock young companies. However, when a company has been in business for a long time, like Carl’s, you can look at their history of customer service. Instead of just looking at the length of the business, ask around about it. If you see that a contractor has had several companies under different names, it may be a red flag that they are hiding a history of bad service.

Does the company offer the services you need? At Carl’s, we are a full-service outdoor home renovation company. We offer fencing, roofing, siding, decking, window replacement, and more. If you are looking for multiple projects, you may want a contractor who can do it all.

Will they offer custom work? Every outdoor project is a custom project, even if your contractor does not describe it that way. Every home and every lot have their idiosyncrasies that differentiate it from the home next door. You want a contractor that takes the time to measure your home and ensure that the project will be perfect for you. While contractors can “fake it” in some types of jobs like fencing, precise fit is very important for other jobs, like window replacement.

Do they have a problem with you getting other estimates? Even a smaller outdoor improvement can be a big investment for a homeowner. That is why you should get multiple estimates, especially if you are new to the renovation process. You want to find a contractor that you like and can work with, who can handle the project that you have. At Carl’s, we will never pressure you to pick us or forego getting other estimates. We believe our quality, affordability, and customer-service make us stand out from the competition and encourage potential customers to consult with other contractors.

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