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7 Benefits of Fiber Cement Siding

Are you considering replacing your home’s siding? If so, perhaps you should consider having fiber cement siding installed. This type of siding has many benefits, including durability, low maintenance and affordability. Continue reading for more reasons why you should choose fiber cement siding.

  1. Fire resistant- Fiber cement siding is made of fireproof materials that will not ignite under direct flame or heat. Because it is composed of 90% non flammable materials, oxygen is blocked from entering the siding. Yet, there may be some charring on the outside of the planks.
  2. Environmentally friendly- Fiber cement siding is made of recycled  sustainable materials and designed with energy conservation in mind. Unlike wood, which is chemically treated, fiber cement contains no chemicals and no volatile organic compounds (VOCs) that would’ve released into the environment.
  3. Low maintenance- Fiber Cement Siding requires very little maintenance, other than replacing damaged or rotted caulking at seams. Make sure you wash your siding every six months with a low-pressure garden hose to remove dirt and bird residue from the surface.
  4. Affordable- This is the least expensive siding option in comparison to other siding materials. While the per square cost of foot fiber cement may be pricey, the total installation cost is much cheaper than vinyl, aluminum and wood siding.
  5. Weather resistant- Fiber cement is durable in all types of weather. It can withstand hail, doesn’t crumble from prolonged UV exposure nor does it melt in the heat. During the winter it creates a great barrier against the cold when paired with the proper insulation. Most types of insulation used with fiber cement are formed to fit behind the siding, leaving no gaps where air or moisture can infiltrate your home.
  6. Long-lasting- The key components of fiber cement include sand, cement, and cellulose, making it able to last for many, many years. The lifetime of fiber cement siding can range from 50  to 100 years.
  7. Insect and rodent resistant- Due to it’s natural components, fiber cement is termite proof. It’s resistant to termites because of the way that it’s made – not because of any topical chemical application. Termites can’t chew it and aren’t attracted to it because there’s no accessible wood fiber for them to reach.

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