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Beyond Privacy: 3 Other Reasons to Build a Fence

When you think of fencing, what comes to mind? A young southern boy painting a white picket fence? A high privacy fence with the neighbor peering over like something out of a 90s sitcom?

The most common reason people use fences is to create a sense of boundary or privacy between their land and the property of others.

But there are a number of other reasons to install a fence in or around your yard. Some are aesthetic, others can be a matter of life and death. Here are just a few of the alternative reasons you might consider building a new fence.

Pool Safety

It is incredibly important if you have a pool that you at least consider building a fence around it, especially if you have children. A fence that completely isolates an inground pool will reduce the risk of a child drowning by 83%, compared to a simple lawn border fence.

Similarly, if you are building a new deck that is connected to an above ground pool, then you should add a gated fence at the water’s edge.

Protect Your Garden

Rabbits, deer, and other critters can wreak havoc on your fledgling garden. The best way to protect your garden is to add a small fence. Determining the best fence for your garden depends on a number of considerations. For instance, if your primary pests are rabbits, you will be able to have a much more discrete fence than if you are experiencing a devastating deer problem.


Are you struggling to make your lawn stand out? If you are struggling for an easy way to give your lawn character, consider fencing. Depending on the fencing materials you choose, you can create a rustic farmhouse feel, a turn-of-the-century charm, or an American dream house vibe.

Or, if you want a more refined feel, consider using your fencing to support your climbing plants. An ivy-covered fence around your front yard will create an air of quiet respectability.

There are a number of reasons to consider new fence installation other than simple privacy and emphasizing property lines. They can provide safety and add to the value of your home.

If you have any questions about how you can use fencing to redefine your outdoor space, fencing materials, or about the benefits of a vinyl fence, contact Carl’s Fencing today at (855) BY-CARLS.

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