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Don’t Wait on Fixing Your Leaking Roof

You should never wait to put off repairs if you notice your roof starting to leak. A leaking roof is a bad situation that could get worse if you aren’t careful. It can affect your home’s overall look as well as its structure. You should make fixing your roof a top priority for these four reasons:

Your home’s structural integrity

Leaks from a hole in your roof won’t just affect the surface of your roof. It will also begin to affect structural supports as well. If left unattended, the leak could spread to your house’s framework, which might cause more damage or a roof collapse.

Mold & mildew growth

Mold can spread in the wet environment very quickly and end up causing more damage to the rotting wood. Mold might also spread into your house, causing serious health problems for you and your family.

Loss in energy

A leak in your roof could also affect energy bills. If it spreads, the insulation in your roof might become soaked. When this happens it lets cold air escape during warm months or makes it hard for your home to retain heat in cold months.

More repairs in the future

You should always get your leaking roof fixed as soon as possible. Letting a leak spread through your house might cause even more damage to your house’s framework, ceilings, and walls. This means you could be left with even more expensive repairs later on.

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