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How to Transform Your Deck into Your Dream Summer Deck

Summer is here, and if you just finished a deck installation in your deck or just completed refinishing your hardwood deck, it’s likely that your deck is in need of some decking to say the least. Here are some great deck installations to turn your deck into your dream summer deck:

Protect your deck

The first step to a dream deck is protecting it from the elements. Over the years decks become prone to fading and mold growth, you can help prevent that by periodically staining and finishing your deck. Keeping the surface of your deck coated, is the best way to protect your deck and increase its longevity.

Install an awning

When you’re spending time outdoors, protection from the sun’s harmful rays is important. This is why an awning is a great addition for your deck. Not only do awnings make your deck look great, they also protect from UV rays, heat, glare as well as protection from the rain and wind.

Add an outdoor kitchen

If your budget allows, an outdoor kitchen is one of the best additions you can make to your dream summer deck. A summer deck not only adds appeal and value to your deck, but tons of practicality. Outdoor kitchens will allow you to host epic pool parties and barbecues without having to constantly run inside and out. If you are considering installing a deck, then adding an outdoor kitchen will be a worthy investment that will add considerable utility and appeal to your deck and backyard.

Building your dream deck is a great way to increase the value of your home and is a great investment for any homeowner. No matter your fencing, decking, or home improvement need, By Carl’s has you covered. Call us at (855) BY-CARLS to get started.

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