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How to Add Value to Your Backyard

Renew Your Fence

Fences serve multiple purposes for your backyard. They provide privacy and keep unwanted animals out of your backyard. Vinyl fencing is low maintenance and can easily be cleaned with some simple water and vinegar. It is also possible to power wash vinyl and wood fencing without damaging the material. Wooden fencing should be power washed to remove any debris and a new layer of wood stain should be applied.

Bring Life to Your Deck

Maintaining and cleaning your deck not only makes your deck look beautiful, but can increase the longevity of your deck as well. A power washer is useful for removing stains from vinyl decking and removing buildup on wooden decks for the purpose of staining. Other changes can be made to bring life to your deck like replacing the furnishing or adding and replacing railings. Remember to always make sure your deck is properly maintained to ensure your deck stays in good shape. If you have any deck repair needs, By Carl’s can help!

Add Accessories

Accessories help your backyard stand out and adds much needed practicality. Simple accent lighting, a fire pit and well designed patio furniture can go a long way in adding appeal. Some simple landscaping can also go along way in increasing the value of your backyard; bushes, plants, and flowers can add some color and texture to your backyard. Alternatively, installing a pergola can be a beautiful addition to any home garden.

Improving your backyard is a great way to increase the value of your home and is a great investment for any homeowner. No matter your fencing, decking, or home improvement need, By Carl’s has you covered. Call us at (855) BY-CARLS to get started.

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