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Maintaining your Deck during the Winter Months

Maintaining your Deck during the Winter Months
Maintaining your deck during the winter time is an important step to take to keep it in tip top shape for the spring and summer times. By maintaining your deck properly it can protect the deck from ice, snow and rain. If it is not properly maintained, your deck may be damaged quickly and easily. Here are a few tips in keeping your deck in good shape for the warmer seasons.

Clean the Deck

Some deck owners simply do not clean their decks which can cause elements to easily damage the deck. Sweep the deck thoroughly then use a deck cleaner suited for your deck. It is okay to use bleach on some decks, however some decks will change colors if bleach is used too often. Check with us to see if you should be using bleach to clean your deck.

Remove any Wide-Base Furniture

During the winter time, it is wise to remove any wide based furniture that you may not use in the cold season. Furniture can cause mold and mildew which is something you do not want to deal with when the warmer reasons come around.

Reseal your Deck if Necessary

If you believe your deck needs to be resealed because it is chipping or you do not feel like it looks the way it should then reseal your deck. Stripping the wood is the first step to remove traces of the old sealant. Apply paint or stain of your choice to complete the process and let it dry.

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