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Not All Privacy Fences Are Created Equal

Premium Vinyl Privacy Fences Installation
Dogwood Haven: StayStraight™ rails and Glidelock™ pickets.

Full vinyl privacy fences may appear similar, but there are subtle structural differences that can greatly enhance the panel’s strength, integrity, and longevity. The key is in the rails and pickets. Rails run horizontal and form the frame, while the pickets are arranged vertically within the panel. It’s the technology and strength behind the rails and pickets that determine how well your fence will stand the test of time. Weak rails and non-integral pickets can cause fence blowouts, or lead to gaps and sagging over time.

An illustration of a close-up shot of a StayStraight™ barbed rail technology
StayStraight™ Rail Technology

Premium vinyl fences solve these problems with proprietary solutions. An example can be found in the Activeyards line of fencing by Barrette Outdoor Living. To strengthen its fence panel rails, Activeyards has developed a patented barbed rail called StayStraight™ that affixes the pickets into place to withstand winds and the force of gravity better than the standard rail.

For many years, the tongue and groove design ruled, giving a robust and integral configuration of fence pickets. The tongue and groove, however, has no mechanism to hold the pickets together outside of the top and bottom rails.

An illustration of the Glidelock™ Picket Technology locking mechanism
Glidelock™ Picket Technology

An upgrade to the tongue and groove, however, can be found in the GlideLock™ picket, a patent-pending design pioneered by ActiveYards. GlideLock™ pickets provide a click and lock mechanism between interior vinyl fence boards that enhance the fence panel’s durability and privacy protection. The configuration can be seen in the Dogwood (full privacy) or Arrowwood (lattice top) styles of fence panels, among others.

The GlideLock™ pickets maintain a firm lock with one another. When wind pressure or other forces push against the fence panel, tongue and groove pickets tend to separate, leaving gaps in the fence. This in turn, reduces privacy. Conversely, GlideLock™ pickets will resist separating, forming a gap-free section of fence.

Combining the StayStraight™ rails and GlideLock™ pickets leads to a durable, strong and reliable fence. Also, the fence will perform its essential function better: full privacy.

When choosing vinyl privacy fencing, it’s the details that matter. At Carl’s, our project consultants are experts in the different features of vinyl fencing and will guide you in finding the perfect fencing design and build for your application.

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