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Signs Your Windows are Ready to Be Replaced

Signs Your Windows are Ready to Be Replaced

Wondering if you need new windows? It can be challenging to determine. Before you call a company to inspect your windows, there are a few questions you can ask yourself and signs to look for to see if your windows need to be replaced.

Are you using more energy?

If your energy bills are climbing and you have noticed warm air infiltrating during the summer months, your windows may be to blame. Moving into the winter months you do not want to lose heat because of old drafty windows! Stop by today and ask us about Heat Mirror Technology by KHPP.

Is your home noisier?

Do you live in a noisy neighborhood or near a busy street? Have you noticed that you are hearing more outdoor sounds? Assuming no one has built a highway near your home and none of your neighbors has opened a daycare, the inside of your home should be peaceful. If you notice a lot of outdoor noise, it can be a problem with your windows. Stop by a Carl’s location today and ask one of our Home Improvement Representatives about Serenity Windows with sound damping technology

Are your windows foggy?

Double-pane windows have gas between the panes. When that gas begins to escape, it is replaced with condensation. It may always be there, or you may only notice it when it is humid outside or when there is a sharp contrast between indoor and outdoor temperatures. If you can see that condensation, you either have a crack in your window or a broken seal.

Are your windows damaged?

You can see a lot of window damage. Look at the seals, panes, and windows themselves. Do you see trapped water? Are the seals broken? Do you notice condensation or water damage on the walls by your windows? If so, that is one of the signs your windows need to be replaced. Carl’s offers endless window options from manufacturers that you trust, ask us about Marvin, Andersen and KHPP windows.

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