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How to Winterize Your Windows for the Winter?

How to Winterize Your Windows for the Winter?

With winter upon us, you might be noticing cold drafts from the likeliest point in your house – your windows. These leaks can suck the heat right out of your house, and leave you cold and irritated. Don’t fall victim to the cold this winter! Here are some steps to take to winterize your windows for the winter.

Caulk & Seal

Caulk and sealant are critical to a winterized window. It creates a barrier between the siding on the exterior and the window frame. If the caulk and sealing are not in good condition, air and water leaks can infiltrate your house. The air will make you cold, but the real damage comes from that icy water. Inspect all your windows to confirm that the sealing is good. If you find any sealant cracked, dry, or broken, apply new caulking to fix it.

Window Locks & Latches

Windows that do not close properly have the same issue as those with poor caulks – they leak. Feel free to check the integrity of the window by opening it, closing it, locking it, and unlocking it. If something seems off or is hard to do, consider cleaning and lubricating the window. The easiest way to winterize your windows is to simply close them and keep them locked all winter.

Thermal Curtains

Thermal curtains could be an additional way for you to ensure your windows are winterized. Thermal curtains are lined with foam and are heavy. The foam provides insulation to reduce cold leaking in and can also be used to make your house more enjoyable with noise reduction and by blocking out the sunlight. It’s also fairly easy to remove them once spring comes rolling around.

New Weatherstripping

Last and not least, you may need to apply new weatherstripping to properly winterize your windows. This step comes after checking on your sealant and making sure it is in good condition. Good weatherstripping should tightly cover the space between the window sash and frames. This is to do the same thing that caulking and locking it should do – reduce air leaks and prevent water from getting into your home. Most of the time, you can simply unsnap the existing weatherstripping and then apply a new piece.

Need Help Preparing Your Windows for Winter?

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