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Resurfacing a Deck Instead of Replacing

Resurfacing a Deck Instead of Replacing

Is your deck looking old and worn out?

You may think you need to completely replace it. However, if the foundation is in decent shape, there may be a more affordable alternative. Carl’s can resurface your existing deck. For a lower cost, you get a deck that looks like new.

What condition is your current deck? We know it does not look great or else you would not be looking at replacement solutions. But how is it structurally?

It probably has some loose or broken boards or posts. Over time, your deck experiences substantial wear and tear. Parts, especially in high traffic areas, can get worn or break. So, you may need some parts replaced. That does not rule out resurfacing.

We handle almost all resurfacing jobs. The real question is whether the cost of resurfacing is approaching the cost of a new deck. If it is, then resurfacing may not be a reasonable option. If your deck structure has plenty of life left in it, then resurfacing is almost always the better option.

We start all of our resurfacing jobs with a thorough inspection. We identify the parts that need to be replaced or repaired. Note that an inspection may not identify every part that requires a replacement, particularly if those boards are inaccessible. If we find a structural board that requires replacement during the resurface, we will replace that board at a minimal cost.

During the resurface, we will pull up each board and all of the old hardware. Then, we will install the new boards, which can be wood, composite or PVC decking boards. The boards will be affixed using screws or a cortex plug system. When we are done, you will have brand new decking boards, along with a fully inspected and robust deck underlayment.

You can also add on railing to match your new deck surface. This is often desirable if you change the deck boards from wood to a more modern material, such as PVC Wolf or Timbertech decking boards. Depending on your deck’s original condition, a resurface can add ten or many more years to its life.

Not sure whether replacing or refinishing is right for you? We can help. We are happy to provide quotes for both types of jobs, as well as a professional estimate on the remaining life in your current deck. Armed with that information, you can make the right long-term and short-term decision.

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