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Tips for Maintaining Your Home Through a New Jersey Winter

The winter can be a challenging season for any homeowner. Water and debris buildup can wreak havoc on gutters, roofs, and other elements of your house that are expensive to repair. Luckily, a bit of diligence and know-how from Carl’s Home Improvement experts can bring those costs down come spring.

Check for blockages

One of the most common dangers of winter is simple debris buildup. Leaves, sticks, and ice can build up in gutters and cause water to overflow, damaging your siding and roof. Additionally, debris can warp your gutters, reducing their effectiveness. Make sure to check your gutters for blockages weekly and after any significant amount of snowfall. If your gutters are damaged or warped, make sure to replace them as soon as possible!

Clean your roof

Allowing snow to accumulate on your roof can do a great deal of harm to many parts of the house. After significant snowfall, rake snow away from your gutters and drainage areas. These are the most crucial to ensuring the rest of the snow can melt and drain properly.

Examine melting patterns

Keep an eye on the forecast, and when it gets above freezing examine how the snow on your roof melts. If some areas melt faster than others, your attic may not be properly insulated and might let heat out and water in.

Be wary of ice

If you notice large chunks of ice buildup on your roof, DON’T try to dislodge it yourself. Ice can fall in large quantities suddenly if disturbed and can be quite dangerous. Contact Carl’s and have a professional handle it.

Check doors and windows

In some cases (especially in older homes) you might find a door or window is harder to open after a snowfall. If this is the case, it may mean that your roof is being weighted down by snow, warping the wall and doorframe. If you determine this is the case, call Carl’s or a local professional immediately and make arrangements to sleep somewhere else in the meantime. Having a roof cave-in at night is not something you want to risk.

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