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Why Electric Pet Fences are Harmful and Safe Alternative Solutions

Why Electric Pet Fences are Harmful and Safe Alternative Solutions

Electric pet fences may seem like a great idea at first glance. An invisible barrier that keeps your pet in without having to install a whole fence? You don’t have to worry about closing the gate and you can leave your yard open without the screening of a physical fence. It’s also a little shock that should happen only a few times when your pet tests out what their boundaries actually are. Electric fences are pretty great, right?

The Harmful Effects of Electric Pet Fences

Well, according to official studies such as those by the Journal of Veterinary Behavior, electric pet fences actually have a net negative effect on your dog’s health and behavior. In fact, the electric pet fence can perpetuate and worsen current problems and sometimes even cause new ones.

The electric shocks from an electric pet fence can cause aggression. It’s the typical way for an animal to react when it’s hurt, right? What if your dog does not make the connection that the shock is associated with crossing a boundary? But instead with you, other animals, or another person?

Consider how bad we feel when we accidentally step on our pup’s paws. You want to make sure you don’t lose your friend’s confidence. But with the possibly random and painful shocks of an electric pet fence, your dog can grow to have anxiety and even paranoia.

Probably the most harmful effect of an electric pet fence – not doing what a fence is supposed to do. Your dog can, naturally, go past the fence if it feels courageous enough. Then your dog could be gone, possibly chasing a wild animal. Or worse – the wild animal or another person may trespass directly into your yard, where your pet is now in a potentially dangerous environment it cannot escape.

Safe Alternatives to Electric Pet Fences

The simple solution to electric pet fences? A physical fence.

A physical fence does the job you want it to do, it provides a visual barrier, keeps your pets safe, and keeps intruders out without having to harm your pet. A physical fence will give you more confidence that you are keeping your pet away from harm, unlike an electric pet fence.

So, if you’re looking for a pet fence to keep your furry friend safe, please call us at 855-292-2747 (855 BY-CARLS)!

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