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Split Rail Fences: Everything You Need to Know

You have seen split rail fences everywhere: at National Parks, on someone’s property, even at the soccer field you played at as a kid.

They can be found in nearly every nook and cranny, and for good reason, too. Its popularity is backed up by years of tried and true savings, appeal, ease, and more. So here’s everything you need to know about split rail fences.


When you build something, nothing sounds better than reliability. Split rail fences are a beacon of reliability. Typical split rail fencing can last for 50 years or more. That’s probably a big reason why parks, especially National Parks, still have them. Because they installed them that long ago and they are still standing in great shape!

During their lifetime, they typically do not need many repairs. Repairs will usually only occur due to water damage, leaning posts, rotted wood, or an accident like a fallen tree. But the chances of needing to replace a split rail fence are low.

Easy in General

Split rail fences are easy to install and easy to maintain. The installation process is probably the simplest it could be for any kind of fence. Exact measurements are not needed, unlike privacy fences. You just need to dig a hole for a post, place the post, then line the railings up with the precut holes. It’s so easy, it’s beautiful.


Split rail fences are inexpensive to install, in part due to their ease. But it’s also because there’s not much material to move or work with. As mentioned, you would have a decent time installing the split rail fence yourself, without any special tools except a shovel. So, that means you can decide if you want to try to DIY one of the most rustic-looking fences to ever exist, or call a professional.

Lucky for you, we are fencing professionals, so if you need help with split rail fencing please call us at 855-292-2747 (855 BY-CARLS)!

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