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Split Rail Fencing


Looking for a split rail fence? While you may associate them with country homes, split rail fences are actually the most popular type of fencing in the country. That is because they offer a classic look and a great view, while still clearly delineating property lines.

Split rail fences, also known as post and rail fences, combine vertical posts with horizontal rails. You can see them in any combination of post and rails, from two-rail fences to fences with more rails. You can also see them with different height posts, and with posts spaced at different intervals. What spacing you choose may depend on whether you are trying to secure your perimeter or just enclose your property.

If you love the look of an open split rail, but want security, you can always customize your split rail fence. We can add welded wire, keeping the look of the split rail fence, but with the security of smaller gaps in your rails. Whether you need to keep in anything from big horses to small dogs and everything in between, we can customize a split rail fence for you.

The best part is, even if you combine a wire with your split rail fence, you still get those great open views. They make your property look larger, while still outlining your land. They also let you see all of the natural scenery around you. No wonder they are very popular in rural and suburban areas with great views of treelines, rolling hills, or streams and lakes.

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    We use a variety of materials to create our split post fences. While solid wood has been the standard for decades, including pressure treated rail and locust rail, we now offer PVC/Vinyl and aluminum alternatives that provide the same great look, but longer durability. Depending on the size of your property, you may find that you want a combination of fencing types. Split rail fences are great for increasing visibility. However, that means that they are not great about protecting their privacy. Plus, while we can use wire to increase the security of a split rail fence, if you need to keep small pets in or hungry deer out, it may not be ideal for your whole yard. Carl’s will work with you to find the best solution for your property. Our experienced reps will discuss your objectives and provide the pros and cons to each fencing option. Our goal is 100% customer satisfaction. So, when we come out for our consultation, we will discuss your needs, goals, and budget to help find the right fencing for you.