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How to Keep Your Deck Looking Great All Summer Long

If you’re a deck owner, one of the most important aspects of owning a deck is maintaining it. In the summer, your deck can see a lot of use – family barbecues, epic pool parties, you name it. With all the wear and tear your deck goes thru, you might notice staining or dulling that take away from the beauty of your deck. Luckily with some easy maintenance, you can keep your deck looking great all summer long.

Clean the Surface

Clear all the debris (dirt, leaves, debris, etc) from your deck and scrub the planks with a large broom and hose. Local stores carry deck cleaning detergents designed specifically for this purpose, these cleaners are recommended over DIY solutions as these formulas are specifically meant to protect your deck from all outdoor elements and don’t contain any ingredients that can be harmful to your deck.

Determine if Your Deck Requires Pressure Washing

Sometimes after cleaning your deck, it can still have dirt stains or a layer of mold or algae build-up. If the wood of your deck is looking dull or is covered by a layer of grimy buildup, then pressure washing might be necessary to help return your deck to its natural glory. If your deck requires power washing, you can seek the help of a professional or rent one from your local hardware store.

Prepare Your Deck for Finishing

After allowing your deck to dry for at least 24 hours, remove any remaining stains and finishes  with a wood stripper. This is important to allow for the new layer of stain to penetrate the wood. Afterwards wash off the surface again to clear off any remaining debris or residue and let the wood dry thoroughly.

Seal or Stain the Deck

After your deck is clear of stains and debris, apply your preferred stain or seal with a paint roller or large brush. Make sure to carefully follow the manufacturer instructions pertaining to drying times and multiple coats.

To help prevent stains from building up, make sure to sweep your deck off regularly to prevent leaves and dirt from accumulating. Brush off any excess water after a rainstorm to prevent moisture from damaging the wood.

We hope these tips keep your deck looking great all summer long. However, if you notice your deck is in disrepair, you can rely on the decking experts at By Carls for all your decking needs. Surround yourself with the best! Call By Carls at (855) BY-CARLS to get started.

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