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3 Things to Keep in Mind When Considering New Fence Installation

As a homeowner in need of a new fence, you have access to various fence options. Unfortunately, that’s only one of many things you need to consider when investing in new fence installation. Protection, privacy, increased property value, and aesthetics should all factor into your decision.

But perhaps most importantly the cost, maintenance, and fence contractor should be taken into consideration if you want your installation to go off without a hitch.

Your average new fence installation can cost between $2,600 and $8,000 depending on the size of the fence, materials used, and the fence builders you contract. But how can you make sure you’re getting the absolute most out of your fencing materials and installation process? Here are a few tips to operate by.

1. Pick the Best Fence For Your Yard

Regardless of the white picket fence dancing around your head, you should focus on picking the best fence for your needs. Whether those are visual appeal, backyard privacy, or cost-effectiveness are up to you. But ultimately you should prioritize your needs over your wants. You might really want that classic picket fence, but your small dog that fits between the posts could demand otherwise. So before you pick the prettiest fence, ask yourself whether you’ve assessed your needs properly.

2. Consider Your Fence Maintenance Needs

In addition to prioritizing your home’s needs, you should also ask yourself how long you want to spend maintaining your fence. Wooden fences, for instance,require the most maintenance because they require staining or sealing every few years. They’re also more prone weather-related damage.

On the other hand, manufacturers claim that vinyl fences are up to five times stronger and four times more durable than wood. Not only that, but vinyl fences never need re-staining. In fact, their lack of ongoing upkeep makes them incredibly popular. They can also be easily replaced if they’re damaged — just slide in a new panel and you’re good to go.

3. Hire The Right Contractor

You can try doing your fencing on your own, but unless you have the specialized tools and fence installation experience required, you should avoid the struggle. In any care, hiring a professional to do it for you is the best way to go. But as with any service, you should check a company’s reviews and licensing status before working with its contractors. In addition, make sure that your chosen company possesses all the proper building permits and follows the zoning laws in place for building a fence around your property.

If you’re looking at new fence installation for your home, keep the above tips in mind. You’ll likely find that the decision becomes much easier once you give it some thought. And don’t forget to give this decision the thought it demands.

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