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Fenced In: Three Benefits to Building a Fence in Your Backyard This Year

When it comes time to consider renovating your home, a lot of new and improved upgrades may be going through your mind. One of the simplest ones that may pop up is building a fence around your yard. And why should it? With the vast amount of styles, colors and types available, there’s the perfect fence out there for everyone. We’ve complied a list of three reasons a fence not only looks good, but helps your home.

  1. Privacy: The clearest benefit of having built a new fence is the element of privacy. Whether built yourself or through use of a fence contractor, you give yourself access to your own personal private space. If your yard backs up to a loud and busy road or the view from your back porch beyond your property just isn’t appealing, the simple construction of a fence can help improve that. It allows for a clear line to be drawn at the edge of your home, keeping your space to yourself and allowing you the freedom to enjoy the fresh air outdoors without anyone looking in on you. With a new fence, you can feel secure on your own property.
  2. Safety: On the subject of security, as strong fence can provide that also. No matter what range of fencing materials you use, from vinyl to wood, a sturdy fence provide an extra layer of safety to your home and loved ones. Even if you choose to have a fence separating your pool from the rest of your yard, it can reduce the risk of your child drowning accidentally by up to 83%. And if you want the fence contractors to build a fence around your whole yard, it offers more protection from break-ins. Most fence builders allow the gate to your fence to be able to be locked. If kept that way, a burglar would either have to spend several, wasteful minutes picking the lock or go through the risk of scaling the high fence. Most just wouldn’t even bother, leaving your home untouched and your loved ones safe.
  3. Serenity: There’s no way around it. Having a fence just gives a level of peace and comfort to your backyard. A tall fence not only provides the assurance of privacy, but it can also allow for noise reduction from outside sources like roads and neighbors. An appealing, private fence can really give you a great sense of calm and relaxation in your own backyard.

With the cold winter months drawing to a clothes, the thought of a good home redesign is almost too tempting to manage. Before you break out the new brick laying for your sidewalk or invest in that new pool, consider this list’s benefits on what a fence can do for you.

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