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Home Improvement Projects That Will Increase The Value of Your Home

The best part about being a homeowner is the ability to customize the home to your own taste and preferences. If there comes a day that you decide to sell your home, some personal favorite projects may have become outdated and might not appeal to future buyers. You might need to consider having repairs and replacing integral elements of your home before you try to sell your home. Here are the top projects that will increase the value of your home.

Replacing Your Front Door

The first thing visitors see on your house is your old, ugly front door. Replacing exterior doors/entry doors add curb appeal and offers the most returns. Also this home improvement project is great for improving energy efficiency, without breaking the bank. Types of doors that offer the best protection include fiberglass, steel, and wood. There are various door colors and finishes to choose that will complement your home. For a low maintenance option, consider installing a fiberglass door. You will not have to repaint or stain a fiberglass door often.

Replacing Windows

If your windows need to be replaced, consider installing energy efficient and durable brands that can withstand high winds. You can also choose vinyl windows that have foam-filled frames, fusion-welded sashes, and double-strength glass, all of which help reduce the amount of thermal transfer that occurs in your home.

Installing New Siding

Not only does the addition of new siding increase the beauty of your home’s exterior, it also protects your home from inclement weather and the elements. You can choose siding in different materials, such as vinyl, wood, fiber cement. For a maintenance-free option, vinyl siding is your best bet. Wood siding offers a traditional home design. Fiber cement siding is the most affordable option and is also a long-lasting material that will protect your home up to 50 years or more!

New Decking

Having decking installed is an affordable way to extend your home’s outdoor living area and provides for year-round entertainment for family and friends. With a variety of decking materials, such as wood, composite, PVC and Dexerdry, the benefits are limitless. For low maintenance, choose a composite deck, which will not crack or splinter. Pool areas go great with PVC decks because no wood means no swelling, rot, or mold.

Roof Replacement

If you are considering selling your home with a leaky ceiling or a worn-out looking roof, potential buyers will run away from your property instantly. Outdated materials or missing shingles will also deter some possible offers. Having your roof replaced not only protects you and your family, but it protects your investment in your home as well.

At Carl’s, our professionals can ensure that your home improvement project will enhance the beauty and protection of your home. We specialize in roofing, decking, and siding, along with many other home improvement projects and installations. Contact us today at  (732) 505-1749.

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