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How Fences Can Improve Your Security

How Fences Can Improve Your Security

Wondering how to keep your home or business safe? Consider adding a fence for security. Being able to secure your perimeter is the first step to securing your property. Fences help delineate the outline of the property and provide the first step in securing the property.

When building a fence for security, the first thing you want to consider is height. If a fence is not tall enough, it is easy for a person to scale. Most people can usually get over a four-foot high fence. For security purposes, you want to choose a fence that is somewhere between six and eight feet tall. A fence that is taller than the average person is much more challenging to overcome than a shorter fence.

A fence is only suitable for security if you can also secure your gates. Therefore, you want gates that you can lock. Many gates simply shut and have a very temporary, easy-to-open lock. We discourage those on any fences, especially if you have children or pets. You want a fence that you can secure from both people who may open it accidentally and from people who open it intentionally. So, consider adding a secure lock to your gate.

A fence provides its own security, but it also provides an excellent foundation for other security measures. You can place cameras or alarms along your fence’s perimeter. They can make it nearly impossible for someone to enter your property without getting notified.

Another benefit of fences is that they can increase your privacy. Burglars often case properties before they break into them. This helps them to see where they can get the most expensive items that are easiest to transport. A fence can block the view of your home, making it more difficult for burglars to case it.

Aesthetics are important. Putting up an unattractive hurricane fence and adding some razor wire to keep your house secure is easy. That will deter people from trying to enter the property. However, it will also make your home look like a prison and drop your property value. You can add an attractive fence to your property and still increase the security around your home.

In fact, a good fence can improve your property value. Rarely will a person turn down a home because it has a fence. However, if a potential buyer wants a yard that is secure, then they want a fence. That means that a good fence can increase the retail value of your home.
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