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How to Resurface your Deck – Tips from Professional Deck Builders

How to Resurface your Deck – Tips from Professional Deck Builders

Resurfacing your deck can breathe new life into your outdoor space and give it a fresh, updated look! If you’re already looking to resurface your deck, then you have probably already noticed a few things about your deck that you want to fix or update. Maybe your deck is already growing old or the material it’s made of is not working as it has been intended. Maybe the foundation is not as structurally sound as it was. Or perhaps you want to change the type of material present on your new deck. If you’re considering taking on this project, and while it’s possible to do it yourself, it will take a lot of work, so it’s important that you approach this project with proper knowledge and techniques. To help achieve successful results, here are some valuable tips from Carl’s.

Plan Properly

To ensure a successful deck resurfacing project, it’s crucial to begin with proper planning and thoughtful design. A few of the exciting aspects of resurfacing your deck are the freedom to explore new materials, alter the shape and layout of deck boards, and add desired details. However, it is essential to prioritize safety and durability by carefully planning the design. If you’re undertaking the resurfacing project yourself, it is highly recommended to consult a professional deck designer before commencing construction. This ensures that your deck transformation not only looks great, but also stands the test of time!

Consider your Deck’s Current Status

You need to have a plan and design first, that way you will know how to approach your deck resurfacing project. However, then it’s time to consider the actual status of your deck right now. Check every board, post, beam, joist, etc. for any signs of rot, decay, insects, weathering, or other damage. Don’t stop there. Also check any railings, stairs, or stone that are a part of the deck. Keep track of your findings as you inspect the deck, and even possibly create a diagram as you go. If you only find superficial wear and tear, then you should not have much issue when it’s time to resurface your deck. But, if you find structural issues with your current deck, it may be best to hire a deck resurfacing professional. If that’s the case, then please call us at 855-292-2757 (855 BY-CARLS) to resurface your deck now!

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