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3 Reasons to Install a Pergola in Your NJ Home

Installing a pergola is a great option to consider if you’re looking for something to spruce up your yard this season. A traditional pergola is an outdoor shade structure with an open lattice as a roof that’s perfect for outdoor living and patios. Some modern pergolas also come with a retractable canopy for maximum sun protection. Here are some of the best reasons to install one today:

Privacy and shade

Pergola are the perfect way to get out of the sun during the hot summer days. While traditional pergolas showcase an open roof, there are also motorized pergola awnings for maximum sun protection. Adding sheers along the sides will also protect you from prying eyes.

Curb appeal and landscaping

Installing a pergola is also a good investment for your NJ home. Pergolas and other outdoor garden structures have become popular over the last few years and work well for many budgets. You can also extend your garden area with flowering ivy and other climbing plants!

Outdoor gatherings

You can also entertain friends and family under a pergola. With a couple pieces of outdoor furniture, you’ll transform your outdoor area into the perfect hangout spot for your guests, day or night. Pergola awnings make for an excellent entertainment hub.

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