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Pergola Maintenance

How to Maintain Your Pergola: Keep Your Outdoor Space Looking Its Best

A pergola is a great decorative way to provide shade to part of your yard. Pergolas come in different designs but generally consist of posts or pillars supporting cross beams or latticework. You can have open pergolas or use them to support vines, increasing their shade. A pergola can be easy to maintain, but using them to support growing plants can have more difficult maintenance requirements. Whatever maintenance they require, you want to make sure and handle it. Properly maintained, a high-quality pergola can add shade and beauty to your yard for decades.

What type of pergola do you have? There are four primary materials for pergolas. They can be wood, vinyl, fiberglass or aluminum. Of course, your pergola can consist of other materials, but those are the main materials. Each material comes with its own maintenance requirements.

Wooden pergolas are the highest maintenance. You need to re-stain or reseal them every three to five years. Before doing that, you want to eliminate dirt or debris on the pergola. You can use gentler cleaners or a pressure washer to remove debris before restaining the material. Of course, this can be problematic if you are growing things on the pergola. After all, you will not unwind vines to clean underneath them. So, keep that in mind when you are planting near your pergola.

Vinyl pergolas are much lower-maintenance. You will not need to re-stain them. Instead, you need to clean them regularly. They are easy to clean; you can wash most things with water or a mixture of water and a cleaner like OxyClean. They can provide excellent support for vines because of their lower maintenance requirements.

Maintaining a fiberglass pergola to ensure its longevity and appearance is relatively easy! This material is lightweight, strong and durable against the elements. Fiberglass Pergolas also will not fade From long exposure to the sun. By just simply using water and a sponge or a piece of cloth, you will be able to clean off any dirt or debris on the structure. Doing this will also help keep its picture perfect appearance all year round!

Aluminum pergolas are similar to vinyl pergolas in terms of maintenance. However, it would help to be careful to not cause abrasions or blemishes. If you do, they can be a source of potential rust on the pergola. You also want to use gentle cleansers and rinse thoroughly after you clean them. Like vinyl pergolas, aluminum pergolas do not need staining or sealing. However, you can paint them if you want a change in appearance.

Not sure what type of maintenance to perform on your pergola? If you prefer a DIY approach, we are equally pleased to tell you how to approach your project! If there are structural issues or repairs needed, we can help there too! Call us today at (855) BY-CARLS.

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